Sacramental Preparation


Baptismal Preparation Program 

Each collaborative or parish can introduce the topic of vocation to the parents of the children to be baptized by speaking about the reality of each persons’ call to holiness and particular vocation in life.  Priestly and religious vocations are most effectively promoted by parents and families.   


Confirmation Vocation Night

A “Vocation Night” consists of a visit from religious and priests or seminarians who each present on their own vocation story and invite students to ask questions.  Collaboratives and parishes may want to use one of the outlines for a vocation night provided by the Vocation Office.

Conversation with the Bishop during Confirmation Season  

The annual parish or collaborative Confirmation can be an opportunity for pastoral teams to select five or more young men to meet with the bishop and pastor or member of the pastoral team briefly before the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Confirming bishops and pastors can coordinate timing and details of the meeting, and use the time to invite the young men to consider a vocation to the priesthood as well as share their own vocational story.  Adaptations to the program can include regional meetings, organized in conjunction with the Vocation Office, by a vicariate or regional bishop at a time close to the Confirmation.