Step 1: Understanding Happiness Rightly

You are here on this site because you are looking for happiness. But what is happiness? And more importantly, what will make me happy?

Is it getting what I want?  Getting all As?  Winning a particular video game? Being with the "right" person? Becoming important or famous or powerful? These are the kinds of things the world tells us will make us happy, but we know by watching the despair and out of control lives of certain rock stars, politicians, business executives and celebrities that none of these things bring true and lasting happiness.

Ask yourself, "What will make me happy?" If we really think about it, we don't really know what will make us happy. Our vision is clouded, even damaged, by original sin.  Even still, we know that we are looking for something, that things aren’t quite right and that we were created for “something more”.  God has planted this unquenchable desire for happiness in our hearts, because He wants us to search in this life and to keep striving for that something more. The “something more” that drives us on is the desire to become one with Him ultimately in Heaven.
Curiously, we don't really find Our Lord Jesus talking much about "happiness" in the Gospels. He does tell us, however, that His followers will be blessed, that He promises them everlasting life, to be counted as His friends, and to become children of our Heavenly Father. He also speaks of the joy and peace His followers will have. 

Our Lord directs our attention especially to doing the will of His Father. He was wholly intent on doing the Father's will. This fundamental attitude of Our Lord reveals to us something about true happiness: Doing the will of the Father is what brings true happiness. Thus, if I want to discern God's will for my life, I must first surrender my idea of what will make me happy, and become focused on doing the Father's will.

  1. Give up my idea of what will make me happy.
  2. Seek to do the Father’s will

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