Step 8: Act

Proper discernment leads us to hear and understand which vocation the Lord Jesus would like us to choose for His greater glory and the salvation of our soul and the souls of others.

At some point the discernment about your vocation is supposed to end, and you are asked by Jesus to make a life long choice for a state of life. This is the natural progression of discernment. The saints, and all those seeking to follow Christ, have been doing this for millennia. You and I are not the first Christians to have to make a life-long choice. 

Facing such a choice can make us afraid, especially when we live in times where people are scared about making a life-long commitment. This can be especially difficult if you come from a family broken by divorce or filled with dysfunction or resentment. There are many examples around us of people breaking their life-long commitments or being unfaithful to them. However, we should look not to the broken examples but rather to the saints – they are our model for how to live well in this life. To commit ourselves entirely to Jesus necessarily involves a life-long commitment. Love commits itself; true love cannot give itself only temporarily, or half-heartedly. It wants to commit itself. It longs to unite the lover with the beloved. We may avoid making such a choice, but the choice not to commit is a choice not to love. 
It may seem obvious but we aren't supposed to remain in a state of perpetual discernment of our vocation. Of course we are always discerning the will of God in our daily lives, but the choice for our state of life in the Church should come to an end. In making a choice we move from discerning our vocation to preparing for our vocation. The choice brings the discernment to an end, and with that comes a new found freedom to begin living with clarity and hope. There is no other way to serve the Lord than by stepping out in courage and proper discernment, and by making a definitive choice for your life. We become holy and happy through commitment.

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