Vocation Cross/Chalice Program

This program entails the passing from family to family or individual, a parish or collaborative vocation cross or chalice with accompanying prayer cards.  The family or individual receives the cross or chalice at Mass or during religious education and passes it on to the next family or individual one week or month later.  To order a Cross and get prayer cards, contact the Vocation Office at 617-746-5949.  This program allows a family to pray each day for priestly and religious vocations. A parish or collaborative may choose to use its own prayer card or crucifix.

How to get it started: 

  1. Announce it to the parish at all the Masses on a particular weekend.  This can be done by a representative of the Collaborative Vocation Team or by the pastor at the end of Mass before the final blessing.
    • Speak about the importance of praying for vocations at home
    • Show the people the Cross or Chalice and prayer cards
    • Explain that those who take the Cross/Chalice will pray each day, as a family, as best possible, the Vocation Prayer.  They may choose to use other forms of prayer as well, such as the Rosary.
    • Families or individuals are welcome to take the Cross/Chalice home for a week at a time.
    • The Cross/Chalice is received at Mass on Sunday and returned the following week prior to Mass in order that it might be presented to the next family that day.  The Cross/Chalice can be transferred from family to family at any Mass but it is best to keep it at the same Mass as best as possible.
    • Encourage people to sign up for a particular week or to give their name to the coordinator to assign a particular week.
  2. The coordinator of the Vocation Cross/Chalice Program should schedule participants in at least three or four weeks ahead.  The coordinator will be responsible for assuring that there is a family or individual scheduled for each week and contact them a day or two in advance to assure they will be present.
  3. Set a date to begin the program.  Any Sunday is fine, but perhaps begin on the first weekend of Religious Education or on Good Shepherd Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Easter each year) or Vocation Awareness Week (First full week of November each year).
  4. On the day the program is to begin, invite the family who will be receiving the Cross/Chalice to sit toward the front of the Church for Mass.  After the homily or before the final blessing at Mass, the priest calls forward the family or individual and presents the Cross/Crucifix with accompanying prayer cards to the family, thanking them for pledging to pray each day for vocations.  He may choose to say the following or similar words: "I present this cross/chalice to you and commission you to pray each day this week for vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. We will also join our prayers to yours that the Lord will raise up many holy and dedicated men and women to the Priesthood and Religious Life from this parish. May those whom God has called always have the freedom and insight to hear his call, the courage to respond and the support of this parish community to follow God's call."
  5. The family or individual takes the Cross/Chalice back to their seat.
  6. The family or individual brings the Cross/Chalice home and uses the prayer cards.  They are welcome to keep the prayer cards and return the Cross/Chalice the next week.