Life’s Calling.

You see the signs. We know the way.

Your life has a great purpose. Do you know what that is?
We are here to help guide you on this journey.

Realizing your purpose – your vocation – is a process of spiritual awakening. It is the discovery of who God has made you to be, of the yearnings of your heart, and of the way you are called to give your life.

God is Calling for you

If you are wondering about your calling or purpose in life, you may be experiencing anxiety over all the unknowns in your future. But God knows, and we can help you find out too through discerning your vocation.

Your calling is a gift from God – a vocation. The word vocation comes from the Latin word “vocare”, which means to “call”. God is calling you, and if you respond, you will know a greater peace and joy than anything the world can give.

You can choose an occupation or career for yourself, but a calling is God’s plan for you. It is how He is inviting you to live and love, and it will never be contrary to your true happiness. Everyone is called to do God’s will and become a saint in heaven, but each of us are called in a particular way. Let’s take a look at the major types of Vocation.

Three Primary Callings (Vocations)

The Priesthood

The vocation of the priesthood is a sacred or supernatural calling. Priests are men called by Jesus to carry on His ministry in the world. By the grace of Holy Orders, a priest is transformed “in persona Christi capitis ecclesiae” (into the person of Christ, Head of the Church). He is made into a husband of the Church and becomes a spiritual father to all.

God ordains each priest to serve as Christ came to serve — to give their lives so that others might live fully in this life and experience eternal joy in heaven. Priests either also belong to the Religious Life, or they are diocesan priests serving their local Church through their diocese and in your parish!

Religious Life

Religious Life or Consecrated Life, is the call to publicly take the three evangelical vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. It means dedicating your whole life to living as Christ lived on earth. There are many ways of living the consecrated life such as in a community (as a monk, nun, brother, or sister) or alone (hermit or consecrated virgin). Religious Life can be more contemplative or more active.

Marriage and Family

Marriage is the “natural calling”, the original vocation. The Lord Jesus elevated this natural and noble vocation to the level of a sacrament, and the well-being of the Church depends upon good and holy marriages. Out of this calling comes the domestic church and the family as the basic building blocks of human society.

Explore Your Calling

Ultimately the best way to get to know your specific calling is to get to know God and yourself – discerning through prayer and the sacraments, living a moral life, and learning more about vocation. His call will become clearer as you seek to know and do His will more and more each day. This process is in God’s hands, but doesn’t happen automatically, so be active in pursuing your vocation so you’re not still confused 20 years down the road.

We know the way.

Now that you understand what a calling or vocations is, take that first step on your journey by learning to discern your Life’s path. Life is a gift, how can you make the most of yours? We’ll help you find your Life’s calling.