Importance of Priesthood

“The Priesthood is a call, not a career; a redefinition of self, not just a new ministry; a way of life, not a job; a state of being, not just a function; a permanent, lifelong commitment, not a temporary style of service; an identity, not just a role. We are priests; yes, the doing, the ministry, is mighty important, but it flows from the being; we can act like priests, minister as priests, preach as priests, because first and foremost we are priests! Being before act!”


– Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, Priests for the Third Millennium

Why Priesthood?

A priest is a man chosen by God to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders and bring Christ’s salvation to a world without hope. The Catholic Priesthood was started by Christ when Jesus appointed His Apostles to act in his person – in persona Christi – and carry on His ministry in the world through His Church. God ordains each man to serve as Christ came to serve — to give their lives so that others might live to the fullest and achieve the greatest good of heaven. The vocation of priesthood is a sacred calling. God calls each priest to serve in many ways, but the dignity and essence of the priesthood is not just in what a priest does, but in who he is: An Alter Christus – Another Christ in the World.

Taken from Among Men to Serve

A priest offers the ministry of Jesus Christ to us today. When a priest offers the holy sacrifice of the Mass, it is Christ who offers it through him. When a priest absolves sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, it is Jesus who forgives. When he preaches and teaches and evangelizes, He does so with the power of the Word and the Spirit. When a priest acts as a father, comforting and supporting his children, he does it as Jesus’ image of our heavenly Father. Could Jesus possibly want to do all this through you?

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What does a priest do?

A diocesan priest spends his time being God’s instrument in the world. His activity revolves around the priestly identity given to him at Ordination, and the three munera, or roles, of the priest—to teach, to sanctify, and to govern.

Becoming a Priest

Becoming a priest is a joyful and thoughtful process. Vocations Boston invites you to explore your calling to the Priesthood. Take the first step by learning more about this path now.

The Seminary

Seminary formation is all about preparing you to serve Christ and his Church. The goal is for you to become a holy priest who can lead and pastor Christ’s flock as a parish in the diocese of Boston.


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