About The Seminary

About The Seminary

The Seminary Process

Applying for seminary is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it is not something you decide on your own — it comes as an invitation from your vocation director.

Below is a brief overview of the process, but don’t worry, our office walks young men like you through each step.

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1) Applying for Sponsorship

Once you have thoughtfully and prayerfully discerned that God is calling you to the priesthood, you will begin a process where you apply for sponsorship from the Archdiocese of Boston. This is very much like applying to college and involves preparing a thoughtful application, getting letters of recommendation, documenting your sacraments and education, and interviewing with a psychologist and a priest.

2) Interviewing at a Seminary

After reviewing your application for sponsorship, members of the Archdiocese will decide whether to recommend you for an interview at a particular seminary. If you are recommended, you will meet with several members of the seminary faculty who will ask you about your desire to pursue the vocation of priesthood. While it is not simply a ‘rubber stamp’ process, it is uncommon to be recommended by the Archdiocese and then rejected by a seminary.

3) Formation Programs

In general, there are three seminary formation programs available for men who desire to prepare for the diocesan priesthood in Boston: College Seminary, Pre-Theology, and Theology. These vary according to length of study and degrees that are granted. You will learn more about which program is best for you as you move through this process.

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Meet our Seminarians

These seminarians all started out right where you are now — exploring their calling and probably feeling the same anticipation you feel as well. You are in holy and blessed company.

Seminary Formation

Seminary formation is all about preparing you to serve Christ and his Church. The goal is for you to become a holy priest who can lead and pastor Christ’s flock as a parish in the diocese of Boston.

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We hope the videos and this discernment guidebook of part I of Scivias has been helpful to you in arriving at before pursuing your God-given vocation. Action leads to certainty, not the other way around.

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