Could the Priesthood be your calling?

Do you have a longing and thirst to bring souls to Jesus Christ,
the source of eternal salvation?


This video illustrates how a priest’s life is fulfilled in so many ways.

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1.) Watch the videos

The videos are an important visual aid, and will help you appreciate the joy, beauty, and wonder of pursuing God’s will in a way that my words cannot convey by themselves. They’re only 5 minutes each, so there’s no reason not to watch them.

2.) Use The Guide

You can binge watch the videos if you want, but they’re not meant just to be consumed, but rather pondered. This guidebook contains a summary of each episode to remind you of what was discussed, scripture passages for your prayer. In case you want to go deeper in a given area, there are additional resources provided for each episode.

Guidebook Part 1  –  Guidebook Part 2  –  Guidebook Part 3

3.) Pray

I encourage you to spend 30-60 minutes in the episodes and in this guidebook, ideally in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. A relationship can’t be rushed. BE REAL with God. Don’t just say the pious answer you think God wants to hear. Be real. Tell God the truth, reveal your heart to him. Tell God what’s going

4.) Outside Help

Don’t get stuck inside your own head. Talk to your local priest, a trusted spiritual mentor, or Vocations Director. Discuss what comes up from this series with them, it’ll help you clarify your thoughts and feelings and God’s voice. Conversation will help make it all the more real for you so that you don’t think you’re going crazy and to help keep you accountable to God’s voice.

Learn more about The Priesthood:

About the Seminary

These seminarians all started out right where you are now — exploring their calling and probably feeling the same anticipation you feel as well. You are in good and blessed company.

Meet our Seminarians

These seminarians all started out right where you are now — exploring their calling and probably feeling the same anticipation you feel as well. You are in holy and blessed company.

Seminary Formation

Seminary formation is all about preparing you to serve Christ and his Church. The goal is for you to become a holy priest who can lead and pastor Christ’s flock as a parish in the diocese of Boston.


Learning to discern? You are in good Company! Attend one of our events and connect with our community of seekers.

Explore Your Calling

Ultimately the best way to get to know your specific calling is to get to know God and yourself – to discern through prayer and the sacraments, living a moral life, and learning more about vocation. His call will become clearer as you seek to know and do His will more and more each day. This process is in God’s hands, but doesn’t happen automatically, so be active in pursuing your vocation so you’re not still confused 20 years down the road.

We know the way.

Now that you understand what a calling or vocations is, take that first step on your journey by learning to discern your Life’s path. Life is a gift, how can you make the most of yours? We’ll help you find your Life’s calling.