A Change in Direction –

From Computer Geek to Saint

Blessed Carlo Acutis was born in 1991 to a wealthy Italian family and grew up in Milan, attracted to computers and the tech world. His family was not religious, though his babysitter had a profound impact on the growth of his faith, following his grandmother’s death. Thus began Carlo’s interest and commitment to the practice of his faith through daily Mass, regular confessions, and a strong devotion to the Eucharist, including praying before the tabernacle before Mass.
Because of this deepening relationship with the Lord, Carlo became aware of the sufferings and needs around him. He responded by volunteering to work with the homeless and he would stand up to bullies who would pick on disabled students at school. He loved movies and video games, and he created a website that cataloged and shared the stories of the known miracles of the Eucharist to inspire the faith of website visitors.
During his short lifetime, Carlo impacted the Catholic Church and the faith of many. After contracting leukemia, he gave his suffering purpose and used it as a prayer intention for others. Carlo died at the young age of 15.
God certainly used Carlo’s desires and love of technology to share the Good News of the Gospel! How will God use your desires and skills?