How Do I Know What God Wants of Me?

Discernment is a popular term for when you’re wondering about your future and when making decisions for your life. Discernment is the process in which we come to know God’s will for us. It is asking for and being aware of God’s guidance.

This process can be used for any decision, from the small ones, like – how can I give back to my community or how do I go about forgiving my friend? To the bigger ones, like – what college should I go to, what should I major in, and to what vocation am I called?

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Self-Awareness: Get in touch with and identify your questions, desires, thoughts, and feelings around the situation.
  2. Connect with God: Pray. Bring your questions, fears, desires – all of it – to God and ask Him to send the grace you need to be attentive to how He answers you and how His Holy Spirit moves and guides you. Discover a way to pray that helps you to best communicate with God – for both talking and listening.
  3. List your options for the decision at hand and continue to be inquisitive and curious.
  4. Talk with someone you trust who has made life decisions while trying to align them with God’s will. Ask for their feedback and wisdom.
  5. Pray some more and bring what you’ve learned and what more you’ve become aware of. Pay attention to how God is responding to you and guiding you in your decision-making.
  6. Determine your steps to take action.
  7. Now, trust and take the first step … and keep connected – with God and with those you trust to talk with.