You see signs. We know the way. Life's Calling.

You have a purpose but figuring it out is a process …

The fact that you walk the earth and have been given life is evidence enough that you have a purpose. God breathed His life into you with a plan for your life!

Now, that doesn’t mean your life is all figured out, or that all will just happen by default. God doesn’t work that way. He wants your participation – your partnership in living your life to the full. It’s actually required.

God knows you better than you know yourself. He knows your desires and wants to work through the good of them. He knows the best of you and all that you are capable of doing and being for the common good. God has given you life to share His love, compassion, mercy, and joy, and to reflect Him to the world in ways unique to you.

You certainly are not here by accident.

You have a purpose!

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We know the way.

Now that you understand what a calling or vocations is, take that first step on your journey by learning to discern your Life’s path. Life is a gift, how can you make the most of yours? We’ll help you find your Life’s calling.